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Storage and distribution service

Crossland logistics in the national scope widely, establish reliable service network, provide throughout Chinese domestic express professional services.

• Target market lock IT and electronic, pharmaceutical (general goods and cold chain), automobile and accessories, fashion products, chemical, precision instruments, new energy and environmental protection material

• In nearly 300 center city provide positive, the return of the goods, the third party to flow, flexible payment including prepaid, to pay and third-party payment

• A variety of types of door to threshold when services include: city delivery service in LAN, 4/8 hour (north China, east China, south China) the next day delivery service, the direct flights between cities on the second day, the delivery service/direct flights between the cities of the two-thirds day delivery service, portable goods and services

• Rich value-added services including: the packaging service, holidays and weekends service, sign the bill return service, service, for the highest unpacking count value of goods turnover box transport services, agency cargo transportation insurance service

• Gridlocked domestic main transportation network:
Air freight network: with domestic airlines to establish close relations of cooperation, air transportation network connection domestic all direct city land transportation network: operating different kinds of freight vehicles, connection north and northeast, north and east China, east China and south China trunk transport bus, train configuration of global positioning system (GPS) equipment:

LAN transportation: in the northeast, north China, east China, south China, shandong, central China, fujian and southwest area of land transportation network set up intensive LAN: