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Export operation


1, responsible and customers negotiation, receiving orders and arrange booking, transport, goods tracking, customs declaration, settlement and other matters;
2, making the sea/air transportation documents and other related documents;
3, responsible for providing overseas agent business documents and put the goods affairs;
4, documents and documents management and filing, etc.;
5, customer complaints, dispute handling, and other related work assigned by superior.

Job description:

1, needs to have more than one year working experience;
2, can finish, a single exactly;
3, independently complete foreign agents and the normal work of the e-mails;
4, in accordance with the shipping operation plan and customer related instructions, complete the booking, arrange trailer, customs and so on a series of shipping operation;
5, responsible and trailer company, customs broker, and the shipping company contact
Site operation coordination


1. The vehicles in the plant coordination
2, supervision and lead the field workers loading, reasonable pieces
3, coordinate and deal with and customer documents hand over formalities

Job description:

1, senior high school or above
2, 3 years work experience
3, independently complete foreign agents and the normal work of the e-mails;
4, strong responsibility have hard-working spirit
5, have good communication and coordination skills and strain capacity
The driver


In the specified time, place, to drive traffic to complete the task

Do well on driving record, according to arrange maintenance regularly vehicles, ensure vehicles moving

Well vehicles and daily maintenance yearly check, to ensure safety

Complete other tasks assigned by leadership

-25-45 years of age, and have regular features;
-with the Peoples Republic of drivers license as B;
-trucks are qualified for a working certificate;
-2 years or above Shanghai driving experience, familiar with Shanghai urban road traffic;
-no bad driving record.
-easy-going, honest, has the good oral communication ability, can deal with crises;
-good professional ethics, no bad habits;
-strong service awareness, learning ability, and have a strong sense of responsibility; -live along highway (light textile market) accessories will be preferred. 


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