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Crossland Corp. that all employees have devoted to the career planning selfs skill. We strive to provide all kinds of conditions that employees through a variety of different ways to get to constantly personal growth and development.

Crossland Corp. pays close attention to and expect staff personal growth, the companys business is business, the success of the company also is a person of success. Competent and competent to the staff of the higher levels of growth and change will have on the evaluation and direct. And the employee for your career development also make a choice, and promote the personal and business of the companys sustainable development.

Encourage and play the enthusiasm of talents undertakings, forming a continent margin business mechanism, the employment and entrepreneurial, eyes and the long term, the regional and global organically and realize the backbone employees personal and social value maximized. Use a variety of forms, the many kinds of line, many layers, overlapping comprehensive training employees. Respect and common design the staffs career development plan. Take the three-dimensional matrix classification model training employees.