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Legal statement

CROSSLAND logistics has always attaches great importance to intellectual property protection and abide by Chinese laws, rules and regulations, the intellectual property rights and binding normative documents. Pay attention to the original, and crack down on piracy. According to the laws, regulations and normative documents formulated designed to protect the logistics CROSSLAND the holder of the intellectual property right and the lawful rights and interests of measures and steps, when the copyright owner and/or copyright holder may exercise according to law of (the obligee) found in CROSSLAND generated content infringes upon its logistics copyright holder shall, prior to CROSSLAND logistics send out "rights" notice, CROSSLAND will according to Chinese laws and regulations and normative documents to the government to take measures to remove related content or shielding related links.
Specific measures and steps are as follows:
Rights notice
Any individual or unit if is a copyright in the work and/or copyright holder may exercise of according to law, please be sure to the individual or entity in written form of communications to CROSSLAND logistics submit rights notice.
Please note: if the statement of the rights notice inaccurate and the right to submit will take notice of all the legal responsibility caused (including but not limited to all kinds of fees and legal fees for compensation. If the above individual or unit not sure on the network to get the data is the copyright infringement, suggested that the individual or unit CROSSLAND first consult professionals.
In order to effectively deal with the individual or unit rights notice, please use the following format (including the serial number of the terms) :
1. The suspected infringing content holder with copyright and/or may exercise the ownership of copyright in accordance with the proof;
2. Please fully, clearly describe sure was violated copyright works and please provide illegal posted the work the third party web site.
3. Please indicate the suspect web page what content to infringe upon the listed in item 2 of the copyright in the work.
4. Please provide the right holder of the specific contact information, including name, id card or passport (to the natural person), unit registration certificate copy (units), address, telephone number, fax and email.
5. Please provide suspect content in information on the network position (such as that you inform against contains the content of the infringement, namely: refers to the source in the web address or web site position) so that we and you report containing the infringing content of the ownership of the web page/manager contact.
6. Please add the following notice in the right about the truthfulness of the contents of the notice statement:
(1) I I for the copyright in the work and/or may exercise copyright legal in accordance with the right holder;
(2) in my report published in the third party web page content violation of copyright corresponding the I.
(3) I confirm that: if the right to inform incomplete contents are correct, I will take the responsibility for the resulting all legal responsibility. "
7. Please add the following notice in right statement: "I guarantee that this notice, stated in the information is sufficient, true, accurate, Im the copyright in the work, or, I have authorized, have the right to exercise a second list copyright in the work."
8. Could you please sign this document, if you are a lawfully established institutions or organizations, please you build official seal.