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Value-added services

Enter into insured transport is when the shipment of the goods when appear, continent margin logistics according to the customer the value of the goods statement to the customer to make corresponding compensation of the service.

The packaging service is chau margin to ensure customer logistics cargo security, prevent the goods during transport failure, deformation or missing, and provide packaging materials and hit the packing service.

Notice the goods is to point to put such as goods at the station, reach department must be received consignor of instructions, and to get the goods to the consignee's a service.

On-site service is our for the convenience of our customers delivery, receiving, provide for the customer the specialist, special receive money, delivery service.

Sign for the odd is state of logistics in customer margin goods delivered, receiving party normal once signed, provide for the customer the service sign for the single return.

A comprehensive information service is the continent margin to provide logistics information about the goods of services, including goods tracking and query, the notice, text messaging feedback, dealing with complaints and etc.