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Air freight

China, as the main manufacturing base, made commodities include consumer electronics products, semiconductor product and rare consumer goods, high fashion products, medical instruments and health care products, is very diverse. Logistics in a good state margin for many multinationals air freight service in China they complete the purchasing and production process, to ensure customer's the whole supply chain process fast and efficient.
Professional air scheme import and export goods to customers one-stop service: take delivery, make odd, booking, and customs declaration, customs clearance, the air transport, customs, commodity inspection and supervision of the ground operation, charter, fresh, hang outfit, overweight, large and special specifications of goods, storage, distribution, distribution; Act as purchasing agency cargo insurance; Real-time air cargo tracking and feedback information service
Excellent clearance declaration ability: we in the customs has good credit, as A kind of customs declaration by customs enterprise, provides flexible legal clearance service, for customers in the rapidly changing global trade gain precious time.
Service coverage 50 international port, and entry and exit inspection and quarantine agencies have established long-term cooperation of the good relations, to satisfy the customer the import and export of goods inspection, quarantine requirements
The main international airport operations more Chinese customs supervision warehouse, including: Beijing, wuhan, dalian, guangzhou, jiangsu, Qingdao, shenzhen, Shanghai, tianjin, jinan, xiamen, yantai, provide efficient distribution and land transportation service

Good airline relationship: we combined with navigation, Shanghai airlines, shenzhen airlines, eastern airlines, the united Arab emirates airlines, British airways, Korean air, asiana airlines and other large aviation company has a long and stable business relation, and is evaluated many times the annual best freight agent.