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Social responsibility

In the process of growth and expansion, management through the positive and effective communication with shareholders and dialogue, maintenance and carry out the rights and interests of the shareholders attention value, sustainable development, practice the scientific concept of development thought, devotes to the long-term development of the brand construction, the good faith keep laws, and to promote and improve objectively cross-border modern logistics industry in China and the service level of the contribution to the power. The company to establish firmly the talent is the concept of modern enterprise first productive forces, all over the world and alerted priciples, and seek common development, sharing success, open harmony. Innovative enterprise talent, on the one hand, to consolidate and develop the enterprise play key role, on the other hand also to improve Chinas logistics industry management talent shortage cross-border situation up bit. The company long-term attention and focus on the growth of the people in the improvement of the environment and conditions, security staff vital interests, rigorous and rich inclusive growth system and mechanism of the employees, throughout the human-oriented idea. Take the market as the guidance, take the customer demand as the basis, the company for a long time to "safe, accurate, fast, and low cost" is the management idea, cooperate with the carriers market strategy, and constantly improve the rich service products and global one-stop service level, satisfying the needs of customers, create value for customers and the carrier idea thorough employees the heart. Feedback is the enterprise is also the management of social character and the embodiment of the mainstream thought. Long-term since, the company can support rural poverty ZhenCun fixed-point long-term improvement of peoples livelihood, fundraising support disaster areas life and construction.