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More than 5,000 road height limit and width restriction facilities have been dismantled in a year, so that trucks are no longer difficult to travel!

From Zhengzhou, Henan to Xinmi, 40 kilometers away quickly arrived. However, 4 years ago, there were many restriction cards on the Xinmi Highway, and it was normal for trucks to be difficult to travel.


At present, 85 of the 89 height limit and width limit facilities in Xinmi have been demolished, and 4 of them have been legally reserved for the protection of the upper span bridge, and the truck traffic environment in the area has been significantly improved.


The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the healthy and stable development of the freight industry, and regard the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of truck drivers as an important "people's livelihood fact". Since 2021, the Ministry of Transport, together with relevant departments, has issued the Notice on Resolutely Rectifying illegal road height and width limit facilities and checkpoints that obstruct the passage of trucks, and has carried out in-depth rectification work nationwide.

Through the joint efforts of various localities, a total of 5521 road height limit and width facilities that hinder the passage of trucks have been dismantled during the rectification period, effectively breaking the "hard block", opening up the "main artery" and smoothing the "microcirculation".