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This year, the work safety regulation of dangerous goods port operation focuses on these four aspects

A few days ago, the Ministry oftransport issued the "notice on the in-depth rectification of key anddifficult problems in the safe production of dangerous goods in portoperations" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), focusingon key and difficult problems such as violations of regulations in workplacessuch as dangerous goods tank farms and special operations in ports, andincomplete pre procedures related to the operation of dangerous goods, so as topromote the high-quality development and high-level safety of portsinteraction.


 The "notice" pointed out thatthe transportation authorities at all levels should further improve theirunderstanding of the extreme importance of port safety in production, adhere tothe regulation of the stock, curb the increment, improve the dual preventionmechanism, strengthen the prevention and control of major risks, and carry outspecial rectification actions mainly aiming at four key and difficult problems.First, to carry out the rectification of violations of fire and other specialoperations, port enterprises need to improve the safety management system,strengthen the safety management training of special operations, and carry outcomprehensive self-examination. At the same time, the local transportation departmentof the port should implement the safety inspection procedures, inspectionmethods, inspection standards and other requirements, and strengthen thesupervision of special operations such as hot work, confined space andtemporary electricity. The second is to carry out the rectification ofincomplete procedures such as completion acceptance and business license. Portenterprises should carry out comprehensive self inspection focusing on the portoperation places of dangerous goods such as wharf, storage yard, storage tankand loading platform. The local transportation department of the port shouldestablish a multi department collaborative governance mechanism with therelevant departments of emergency, environmental protection and housingconstruction to guide the port operators to implement the rectification, Itshould be properly solved by means of supplementary procedures or evaluationand approval. The third is to carry out the rectification of the problem offalse reporting and concealment of dangerous goods. On the basis of theinvestigation and rectification of port enterprises, the local transportationauthorities should strengthen the source management. The fourth is to carry outthe rectification of the weak emergency capacity. Port enterprises should focuson the investigation and rectification of the failure to establish a full-timefire brigade according to the regulations, and the inadequate maintenance offire-fighting equipment. On the basis of risk assessment and emergency resourceinvestigation, the transportation department should improve the emergency planfor dangerous goods accidents in the port area, and bring the port dangerousgoods emergency and fire-fighting into the urban emergency system.


It is reported that the special rectificationaction will last for nearly a year, which is divided into three stages: thecomprehensive investigation stage in April 2021, the centralized rectificationstage from May to December 2021, and the summary and consolidation stage inJanuary 2022. The Ministry of transport will establish a quarterly schedulingmechanism to include key and difficult issues in the annual work safetyinspection of the Ministry. The implementation of rectification work in variousregions will be an important reference for the annual assessment and evaluationof safety construction in the field of transportation.