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The first meeting of Sino German Transport Forum held

On December 15, the first meeting ofSino German Transport Forum was held in the form of video. Li Xiaopeng,Minister of transport and communications, Andreas Shuo el, Minister oftransport and digital infrastructure of Germany, attended the meetingrespectively. The two sides exchanged in-depth views on COVID-19 and deepeningcooperation between the two departments.


In his opening speech, Li Xiaopengpointed out that the friendly cooperation between Chinaand Germanyin the field of transportation has a long history, and transportationcooperation is one of the important contents of the comprehensive strategicpartnership between the two countries. In recent years, with the joint effortsof the two sides, the foundation of Sino German transportation cooperation hasbeen continuously consolidated, the cooperation fields have been deepened, andthe cooperation achievements have been more abundant.




Li Xiaopeng said that China isactively building a new development pattern with domestic big circulation asthe main body and domestic and international double circulation promoting eachother, and promoting high-level opening to the outside world, which will bringnew development opportunities for China Germany and China EU cooperation in thefield of transportation. Chinahopes to strengthen interconnection and cooperation with German transportauthorities, work together to ensure the stability of international logisticssupply chain, jointly promote technological innovation in the field oftransportation, and strive to build a Sino German Transport Forum platform.




Li Xiaopeng stressed that the 14th FiveYear Plan period will bring more opportunities for Sino German transportationcooperation. It is hoped that the two sides will work together to achieve morepractical cooperation results, lay a solid foundation for the all-roundstrategic partnership between China and Germany, and make efforts to promotethe recovery of the world economy.




In his opening speech, Scheuer saidthat the long-term, multi field and fruitful cooperation between thetransportation authorities of the two countries has deepened the friendshipbetween China and Germany. Germany attaches great importance to thedevelopment prospect of the important platform of Sino German Transport Forumand looks forward to closer cooperation with China in the field of transport onthe basis of previous cooperation experience. We hope that novel coronaviruspneumonia and other unknown challenges and resilient logistics supply chaincooperation will be strengthened through the two sides.




Scheuer pointed out that in the nextfive years, the main development task of the global transportation industrywill be to realize the post epidemic reconstruction of the transportationsystem and cope with the challenges brought about by climate change. We lookforward to the joint efforts of both sides to make important contributions tothe future world transportation.




During the meeting, the two delegationsheld a thematic exchange on "the practice and challenges of maintainingthe stability of logistics supply chain under the background of COVID-19"and "the priority cooperation areas and important activities planning ofSino German transport 2021". According to the consensus of the conference,the two sides will carry out green safety transportation services, inlandwaterway and waterway transportation, transportation development planning, andsustainable transportation and digital foundation. We will carry out keycooperation in facilities and other fields.




According to the "joint statementon enhancing cooperation intention in the field of transportation" signedby the two sides in May last year, in order to integrate and deepen bilateraltransportation cooperation, the transportation authorities of the two countrieshave established a ministerial level "Sino German transportationforum", under which working groups in several professional fields are setup. The first meeting is hosted by China.




Yin Jun, Minister counsellor of theChinese Embassy in Germany, Wang Yang, chief engineer of the Ministry anddirector of the Highway Bureau, and Li Tianbi, safety director of the Ministryand director of the water transport bureau, attended the meeting.