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Opening of the world\'s largest ro & R terminal

At 10:00 onSeptember 26, with the sound of a siren, "Zijing 22" slowly sailedout of Xuwen port, Zhanjiang, marking the official opening of Xuwen port, the"world's largest passenger and cargo Ro / Ro Terminal".


Qiongzhou StraitRo / Ro transport route is a major maritime channel for the circulation ofcars, passengers, trains and materials between Hainan and the mainland ofChina. The Ministry of transport and Guangdong and Hainan attach greatimportance to the cross-strait transport. As a key construction project in the13th five year plan of Guangdong Province, the construction of Xuwen portproject is of great significance. This navigation means that the sea voyage betweenGuangdong and Hainan will be shortened by half.


The opening ofXuwen port shortened the sea voyage of Guangdong and Hainan by half.


The designedannual vehicle throughput capacity is 3.2 million vehicles and the annualpassenger capacity is 17.28 million person times, which is expected to meet thedemand of vehicle and passenger throughput capacity in Qiongzhou Strait by2030.


The opening andoperation of Xuwen port can better connect with Hainan free trade port.


With the conceptof "smart port", the port realizes the convenience of ship berthing,humanization of passenger boarding, seamless passenger transfer, integration ofvehicle inspection and intelligent information management.


The architecturalstyle design of the comprehensive transportation hub building is organicallycombined with marine culture and overseas Chinese culture, inheriting thetraditional "inlaid porcelain" construction technology of Guangdongresidents.


In order to betterserve the public travel, build a golden passage for vehicles, passengers andgoods across the Qiongzhou Strait, and build a "Trinity" modern waterand land transportation comprehensive hub, the Xuwen port branch line of zhanxuExpressway opened on September 26 with Xuwen port. It is reported that Xuwenport branch line is an extension of zhanxu expressway, which starts fromXiaqiao Town, Xuwen County, Zhanjiang City, and ends at Zhushan village,Nanshan Town, Xuwen County, and connects with Xuwen Jingang Avenue. The total lengthof the route is about 16.2 km, with two-way four lane and design speed of 120km / h.