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Ministry of transport restructuring etc

Recently, the Ministry of transportheld a video conference to promote the work of canceling the transition andrunning in period of highway toll stations. It was pointed out at the meetingthat we should speed up the work of "fee display" and system optimizationand improvement, speed up the adjustment and recheck of freight rates, andprovide efficient and high-quality road traffic services for the public.


This time, the etc charging system willbe adjusted from the segmented charging mode to the one-time aggregate chargingmode, that is to say, the owners can see the total cost of the whole process atthe high-speed exit, and there will be no more over counting and overdeduction, missed collection and over deduction, no display or system dateerror and other phenomena.


Clear implementation of etc vehiclesand non etc vehicles to maintain the same billing rules, on the basis of manualpayment, clear that etc will give another 5% discount, and trucks will enjoydifferential preferential policies on this basis.


At present, Zhejiang,Guangxi, Shanxi,Shaanxi, Guangdong and other provinces have begun toenter the etc optimization test stage. The entrance and exit of the expresswaylane under test will be restored from the "pole lifting" free trafficstate to the "pole dropping" state.


150 "drivers' homes" will bebuilt in 2020


In order to improve the work and restenvironment and conditions of truck drivers, the Ministry of transport and theNational Federation of trade unions built 100 "drivers' homes" in 19years. In the near future, the Ministry of transport issued a document to urgethe further construction and acceptance of "driver's home".


In addition to meeting the needs ofdrivers in parking, rest, catering, accommodation and other aspects,"driver's home" will also build a service station to providefinancial loans, preferential gas, information services, etc handling and otherconvenient services. In addition, it also provides one-stop service ofmaintenance, rescue and claim settlement.


In view of the abominable "fuelconsumption", the "driver's home" will cooperate with the publicsecurity to crack down severely, which can be said to completely solve thedriver's worries.