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CAAC: ensure the stability of international air cargo supply chain during the epidemic

At the press conference of the joint defense and control mechanism of the State Council held on the 29th, Zhang Qing, a second-class inspector of the development and Planning Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China,said that the novel coronavirus pneumonia has brought severe challenges to China's international air cargo. The civil aviation authority has made great efforts to increase air cargo capacity and supply to ensure that the international air cargo supply chain is stable during the epidemic.

Zhang Qing said that under the impact of the epidemic, China's international air cargo has encountered severe challenges, with a sharp decline in the capacity of passenger aircraft belly cargo, a weakening of international cargo network access, and an impact on the air logistics chain.


Zhang Qing said the CAAC has vigorously increased the supply of air cargo capacity. Many large airports have been set aside for the use of all cargo aircraft at peak hours, opening up a "green channel" for the approval of cargo flight plans, encouraging Chinese and foreign airlines to carry out cargo overtime charter flights, and guiding idle airliners to carry out cargo flights. At the same time, for the transportation demand with important strategic significance, we should start the major transportation task in time and try to prevent the risk of "chain break" in the supply chain.


Zhang Qing said that CAAC actively guided airlines to establish a communication and contact mechanism with key foreign trade enterprises, tracked and grasped the industry's transport demand, and arranged overtime cargo charter in time for the potential surge of transport demand in individual markets.


According to Zhang Qing, as of March 26, CAAC had carried out 23 major international transportation tasks of epidemic prevention materials, with a total of more than 400 tons of materials transported, which played an active and effective role in stabilizing the global supply chain of epidemic prevention materials.