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How to better serve corporate customers? Positive Solution of K-plan for Cross-Speed Transportation

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In the logistics industry, there are great differences in essence between business and enterprise parts. E-commerce products are mostly cost-oriented. Enterprise products are mainly driven by timeliness and pay more attention to personalized experience. Based on this, for many logistics providers, the service to enterprise customers can not only blindly seek "fast", but also pursue precision, stability and flexibility. So, in the end, how can logistics enterprises better serve their customers? K plan, the latest service upgrading solution for key customers, which is more suitable for the needs of enterprise customers, has made a positive solution to this problem.

Specifically speaking, the K-plan launched by Trans-Express will play three roles in the process of serving enterprise customers and bring benefits to enterprise customers. Which three roles? —— A more intimate "secretary", a more flexible "housekeeper" and a more responsible "bodyguard".

More intimate "secretary" to create the ultimate experience for customers

According to Hong Yiwei, CMO, the K-plan is to strengthen and upgrade the four key services of one-to-one 24-hour exclusive customer service, all-weather uninterrupted flights at major airports, dynamic network routing planning, and all-enclosed van pick-up and dispatch. Level 1, thus introducing customized solutions.

Every enterprise customer who chooses and cooperates across express transportation can enjoy the VIP service that the exclusive customer manager can respond to the demand all the year round. It can not only deal with the delivery and delivery of goods and special situations, but also provide professional services for customers in terms of lines, pricing, planning, etc. Customer managers follow up the whole process and command the work of the operation team, with customer needs as the core operation. In Plan K, CRT is equivalent to arranging a professional and skilled "close secretary" for each enterprise customer, which can help the enterprise customers to say goodbye to the poor experience of "slow response, no care" in the traditional logistics mode.

At the same time, CRT also implements a 24-hour shift system and has the service of "waiting for notification to be dispatched". That is to say, it will not be dispatched until the express arrives at its destination, and a "close secretary" service will be arranged after the notification of the sender. In this way, it can not only avoid the increase of storage space for enterprise customers caused by early delivery, but also avoid the loss of the whole industry chain caused by delays in express delivery. Change with time, flexible and flexible, to maximize the flexibility to meet customer needs.

Smarter housekeepers help customers save as much money as possible

In addition to timeliness and service, cost is also a key factor to be considered in the appeal of corporate customers. Another key highlight of the K plan is to let customers know how to spend their money on the knife edge, to know where each penny of their money is spent, to perfect the role of a smart "housekeeper" and to save every penny of their "household wealth".

First, let's talk about how CRT lets customers know how to spend their money on the knife edge. Here we have to mention the technology "nuclear weapon" - Sword Casting System, which was launched in August this year. This new ERP system, which takes 10 years to upgrade and build, has strong management and control ability.

Thanks to the strong management and control mode of the whole process which has always been adhered to by SPR, SPR is based on big data + AI application, relying on the sword casting system, cost analysis and cost control can be achieved, thus enabling enterprise customers to know the cost of each link. According to Rogge. com, the cost, fare and profit of each ticket and cargo transported across the express line, the transportation cost between any two nodes is detailed, and the granularity of data such as labor cost, bridge cost, site cost and oil cost will be decomposed in a very fine way to guide the operation of lean logistics. If we find out which links can still reduce the cost, cross-speed transportation will adjust the logistics plan according to customers'needs at any time, so as to reduce unnecessary cost consumption of enterprise customers at the first time.

More responsible "bodyguards" escort large enterprises

Since its establishment twelve years ago, it has served millions of enterprises, mainly concentrated in manufacturers, traders and other high-end business customers. Most of the large-scale goods sent by these enterprise customers are of great value and can not stand the slightest "slack". There are also solutions to this problem in the K-plan for cross-speed transport.

All vehicles serving enterprise customers are transported by Van structure in cross-speed transportation, which ensures that goods are transported under any weather conditions. The unique "frame" loading structure, which has been applied for patent by the State, can fundamentally prevent the abnormal occurrence of overstock, deformation and breakage of goods in the course of transportation. 。 In addition, each transport vehicle, cross-speed transport also uses a configuration higher than the industry transport vehicle specifications, installing at least three high-definition cameras and positioning systems, while 24 hours and all-weather monitoring of the operation of each vehicle and each outlet throughout the country, to ensure that large pieces of enterprise are delivered intact.

Thanks to the highly refined operation characteristics, CRT has cooperated with Huawei, ZTE, Dajiang, millet and other well-known enterprises successively. It also transported Yongfengyuan National Porcelain at the G20 Summit, which has been unanimously recognized by thousands of enterprise customers.

If timeliness is a bullet that can break through the barriers of the industry, then the service ability and reputation of "enterprise parts" which have been deeply cultivated in the enterprise customer market for many years is the "moat" that can resist the invasion of the peers. And the K plan launched this time has further promoted the cross-speed transport clothing.