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Construction of financial innovation center of international shipping trade

China Waterway News

In August 8th, the battle plan for theconstruction of the international shipping trade and financial innovationcenter was announced. It is clear that it will aim to build a bridgehead facingthe world's opening up and development, and seize the new opportunities ofinternational economic development and cooperation under the background of"one belt and one road" construction, and focus on promotingshipping, trade and Finance Based on its own advantages. Deep integration andbenign interaction of multi-formats, excellent shipping, large trade and strongfinance, innovative ideas to build an international shipping trade financialcenter, to speed up the construction of an open, modern, dynamic andfashionable international metropolis to contribute.

 The plan pointed out that to enhance thecapability of radiating capability of port and waterway, we must base on the"port + Airport" to speed up the transformation and upgrading fromthe traditional loading port, the destination port to the trade port and the hubport. By 2022, the port cargo throughput and container throughput have achieveda new breakthrough, and the function of the international hub has been broughtinto full play.

 The Program defines four key tasks toenhance the radiation capability of harbors and waterways.——

 Build first-class port facilities. Increasethe capacity of port trade throughput and promote the construction of key portprojects. By 2022, there will be 9 new productive berths and 131 productiveberths.

 Build an efficient collection anddistribution system. We should push forward the construction of containertransit centers, encrypt port container direct flights, improve theinternational network of trains, link up the main artery of logistics andtransportation along the "along the road" and SCO countries,accelerate the construction of inland ports and expand the scope of portradiation.

 Developing new momentum of port and shippingeconomy. We will promote the development of port-vicinity industries, buildlarge-scale resource and energy circulation and processing bases, and promotethe development of port and shipping logistics industries to form agglomerationeffects. We will promote the development of port trade and finance, developtrade in large quantities of resources commodities such as rubber and cotton,and build a commodity futures trading platform.

 Develop green intelligent port and shipping.To reduce pollution emissions, the proportion of ship shore power applicationsincreased from 50% to 60%, green port construction reached the leading level inthe country, and the integration of intelligent control and intelligentdispatching and management of terminal equipment, automatic container terminalscontinued to maintain the leading level in the world, and the application ofinformation technology, such as Internet, big data, Internet of things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc., was promoted. Shipping center modernshipping service information support platform.