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Green Action of Rookie Leads Green Upgrading of China\'s Logistics Industry

Source: ChinaLogistics Industry Network

In March 2017, the Novelty Bird Network,Alibaba Public Welfare Foundation and China Environmental Protection Foundationlaunched a joint venture with express companies such as Zhongtong, Yuantong,Shentong, Baishi and Yunda to establish China's first LogisticsEnvironmental Protection Public Welfare Fund, the Novelty Bird Green AlliancePublic Welfare Fund, for developing green logistics, green consumption andgreen. Research, advocacy and promotion of supply chain.


Over the past three years, China's greenlogistics has made remarkable progress: through the promotion of electronicface sheet, packing algorithm, intelligent path planning, environmentalprotection bags, recycling boxes, green recycling boxes, new energy logisticsvehicles, solar logistics park, etc., the rookie bird alliance has made tens ofbillions of express packages green, and promoted the "light andsimple" logistics industry in China. 。


1. Green Packaging


On the day of Tianmao Shuang11 in 2018, the first Tianmao supermarketpackage received by a consumer in Qingdaowas a box of mineral water delivered in the original container. This innovativemode of "zero" new package is consistent with the direction advocatedby the state to reduce the secondary packaging of e-commerce express, and isgradually becoming a trend driven by novice birds.


The person in charge of green action fornovice birds said that simple packaging and zero new packaging can not onlyreduce the consumption of packaging materials, reduce the pressure ofenvironmental protection, but also reduce costs for businesses and logisticsenterprises, so that express parcels become greener and greener.


These green parcels, through the purchase,logistics and other links, eventually come to the hands of consumers. Researchshows that, with the enhancement of environmental awareness of the wholesociety, brand makers and express companies using green packaging areincreasingly recognized by consumers, and green packaging has gradually becomeone of the ways to enhance brand image.


2. Green Intelligence


In June 2019, the newcomer announced thatthe joint express company would "slim down" the electronic facesheet: reduce the area by nearly half, and change from two to one, which ismore green and environmental. At present, the new version of electronic sheethas been launched in Baishi, Shentong and Yuantong, which will drive the wholeindustry to further reduce costs and increase efficiency.


By optimizing the carton type andrecommending a reasonable packing scheme, the newcomer packing algorithm, whichis open to the whole industry, can make the carton more matched and compact,and reduce the use of packing materials by 15% on average. It has beenrecommended to over 800 million express packages, and 290 million packages havebeen "slimmed" in the past year.


3. Green Recycling


In 2017, the Green Initiative of RookieBirds issued the "Back-box Plan". In 2018, Shuang11 has laid about5,000 green recycling boxes at rookie posts in 200 cities across the country,advocating "leaving cartons in the posts and recycling resources".


During the "Shuang11" period in2018, more than 13 million cartons were recycled offline under the rookie"Return Plan", and college students from hundreds of universitieswere attracted to participate, which became a window to spread the concept ofenvironmental protection to young people. Consumers can open up the High Germanmap to search for the nearest recycling point, complete the donation ofcardboard boxes, use Taobao, Alipay, rookie wrapped APP scan code, and have thechance to get the green energy of ant forest.


In 2019, the "Back-to-Box Program"of rookie birds accelerated the pace and upgraded in an all-round way. On May28, rookies jointly sponsored Green Express Day with Shentong, Yunda, Yuantong,Zhongtong and Baishi, China Environmental ProtectionFoundation and Alibaba Public Welfare Foundation, and announced that 50,000green recycling boxes would be laid throughout the country. This means that the"return plan" will be promoted from the rookie post to the NationalExpress outlets. The new version of green recycling box also adds paper-plasticseparation function, so that plastic fillers in express packages can also berecycled and reused. At present, the first batch of new recycling boxes havebeen issued.


On June 5, 2019, as the representative ofgreen action in China'sexpress industry, the green action "Back-box Plan" of rookie appearedat the World Environment Day Global Home Event. It was awarded by the Ministryof Ecology and the Central Civilization Office as "Beautiful China, I aman actor" 10 best public participation cases.


4. Green Warehouse Matching


In January 2018, the roof solar photovoltaicpower plant of Zengcheng Logistics Parkin Guangzhouwas officially connected to the grid. At present, more than 10 rooftopphotovoltaic power plants are being built in rooftop logistics parks throughoutthe country. After the completion of the construction, the annual powergeneration of the "green garden" group of rooftop birds is expectedto exceed 1 billion degrees, reducing carbon emissions by more than 1 milliontons per year, equivalent to planting 20 million square meters of broad-leavedforest.


On the green warehouse, novice birdsinnovate intelligent warehousing, pre-stocking, store delivery and other modes,leading the efficiency of urban logistics network greatly improved. In pilotcities, the distribution distance of a single package can be shortened from 700 km to about 400 km. The distribution distance sent by a citywarehouse can be reduced to 100 km,and the delivery by stores can achieve "minute distribution" within 3 km, greatly shortening the distributiondistance and improving the distribution timeliness, not only reducing energyconsumption and reducing carbon emissions. It also promotes simple packaging ofexpress packages, even "zero" packaging.


5. Green City


In October 2017, rookies joined hands withChina Environmental Protection Foundation, Xiamen Municipal Government and China's major express companies to build thefirst green logistics city in Xiamen.This is a new upgrade of green action in urban dimension after green package,green recycling, green distribution and green intelligence. In October 2018,the first P4G Summit in Copenhagen announced thatthe "Green Logistics City Cooperation Project" won the prize.


On June 2, 2019, rookie network, ChinaEnvironmental Protection Foundation and Hangzhou Municipal Government jointlylaunched the construction of green logistics city in Hangzhou, and launched the initiative of"Reducing Plastics from the Source of Green Moving City". Thelaunching ceremony was held at the thematic forum of the 2019 meeting of theChina International Cooperation Committee on Environment and Development.