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The Best Partner Unveils the Secret of Luckin Coffee IPO Success

On May 29, the Luckin Coffee 2019 GlobalPartnership Conference and Global Coffee Industry Development Forum opened in Xiamen International Conference Center.As the first "unicorn" in the history of domestic coffee, RuixingCoffee, which successfully went to the United States for IPO, invites globalpartners, including Shunfeng Tongcheng Express Delivery, to gather together,not only to issue blue partner certificates to them on the spot, but also tofocus on the wave of coffee industry development and look forward to thefuture. Just over two years after its establishment, Ruisheng coffee has caughtup with the expansion of similar brands for more than ten years, making the"cup of coffee" business sound and colorful.


Experience the Supreme Luckin AggregateIndustry Quality Resources


For the domestic traditional coffee brand,the main building is based on the third space outside the home and office,while Luckin coffee is positioned as a "new retail professional coffeeoperator", hoping to apply the new retail model to achieve a balancedintegration of products, prices and convenience. Products/prices test the basicskills of enterprises, while convenience puts forward high requirements forbrand distribution capability. At present, consumers have a large choice ofcoffee, convenience stores, cafes, instant coffee... How to stand out from thenumerous choices of users has become the key to the breakdown of Luckin Coffee.


As a new retail format, Luckin Coffeeattaches great importance to the power of the supply chain. Aggregate industryfirst-class partners,


Bring consumers a brand new consumptionexperience under the mobile internet. On the scene of the conference, QianZhiya, founder and CEO of Luckin Coffee, put forward the strategic target of10,000 Luckin Coffee Stores by 2021. Fully seizing the outbreak dividend of China's coffeemarket, let coffee return from social attributes to daily drinks, avoiding thepositive competition with traditional cafes, this new way of thinking hascontributed to the successful IPO of Luckin Coffee.


Help Luckin to bring the best coffee


Fast financing, fast development, fastdistribution... Since its inception, the impression of Luckin Coffee's"fast" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It is this"fast" and "slow" mode that makes Luckin get rid of thetraditional coffee development strategy step by step, and the number of storesin more than two years after its establishment keeps up with the developmentscale of Starbucks in 17 years. On the scene of the conference, Huang Qiang,assistant CEO of Shunfeng Group, gave us a speech on the theme of "Helping Luckin, Only for the Best Coffee - Shunfeng Coffee Drinks IndustrySolution", which not only explained the cooperation process betweenShunfeng and Luckin Coffee, but also showed us the end-to-end supply chainsolutions Shunfeng provided for the coffee drinks industry.


For consumers'experience, how to enjoy thefragrant coffee in the shortest time after ordering? For Luckin Coffee, canthe distribution service pick-up shop respond in time under the rapid expansionof its stores and bring high-quality distribution services to consumers? Thesetwo problems seem to be different, but behind them, a strong "logisticspartner" is needed to smoothly meet the needs of brand merchants andconsumers.“ Shunfeng Tongcheng Express delivers one-stop supply chain servicefrom warehouse to store to C, which helps Ruisheng achieve high-speedexpansion, add pounds to the last kilometer of the extreme user experience, andfurther strengthens Ruisheng's brand moat with fast pick-up at the distributionend and 99.7% service mode.


Luckin's breakthrough battle in the coffeemarket is a combination of high quality, high cost performance and highconvenience. The successful IPO of Luckin coffee is just the beginning.Shunfeng Tongcheng Express, as the "best logistics partner" of Luckin Coffee, has a profound insight into the needs of target groups andprovides the quality services they need, which is itself a core competitiveness.In the future, with the joint efforts of many high-quality partners such asShunfeng Tongcheng Express, the story of "Little Blue Cup" isexpected.