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New Cooperation between Newbie and Russian Post

On February 13, Russia Post, one of thelargest postal companies in the world, reached a new strategic cooperation withthe novice. The cross-border services provided by novice will be closely linkedwith Russian Post, such as worry-free logistics, super-economy, special line,and so on, so as to speed up the logistics between Chinaand Russia.Through diversified solutions, Chinese exporters on Ali Express are expected tofurther reduce costs and improve efficiency in the process of "selling theworld", and Russian consumers will also receive Chinese goods morequickly.


"Every year, we have nearly 10 millionparcels to Russia.More than 60% of our products are delivered to Russia within 10 to 30 days. Andthey are all one-stop delivery, free of the complex offline logistics docking,but also can see the goods in the way of information throughout. According toFu Jiacai, Director of Logistics of Huanjin Science and Technology, the newlylaunched special routes of novice birds have also helped businessmen to expandnew categories of markets. The original inconvenient commodities have newlogistics schemes and become a new business opportunity.

According to the latest agreement betweennovice birds and Russian Post, the two sides will jointly enhance thecross-border logistics service capabilities of Chinaand Russia and buildlogistics infrastructure in Russia.Russia Post will provide all-round services such as warehousing,transportation, acceptance, sorting and delivery to Ali Express Traders. Whenthe Express Trading is booming, Russia Post will also deploy additionalmanpower to ensure the delivery of goods. At the same time, novice birds andRussian Post will also carry out technical cooperation to further enhancelogistics efficiency in Russia.


It is understood that Russia is oneof the key markets for Ali Express. In recent years, through the connection ofintelligent logistics backbone network, novice birds have raised thecross-border prescription between Chinaand Russiafrom 70 days to about 10 days. Four solutions, worry-free logistics, super economy,special line and overseas warehouse, have been introduced by novice birds oneafter another. They have become the first choice for Chinato export goods to Russia.In key cities such as Moscow,rookie warehouses can even provide day-to-day services.


At present, thenovice bird has more than 100 partners in the world. In addition to RussiaPost, the novice bird has also reached in-depth cooperation with Spanish Post,Royal British Post, Singapore Post, Swedish Post and other top global logisticsenterprises to provide high-quality cross-border logistics services tobusinesses in various regions of the world