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Autopilot Enabling Logistics Future

Originate:Science and Technology Bulletin

Recently, China's first trunk logistics joint innovation center was launched in Shanghai International Automobile City Automobile Innovation Port. The center is co-sponsored by Winchester Technology and Shanghai Automobile City Automobile Innovation Port, aiming at gathering industrial wisdom, accelerating the industrialization process of commercial vehicle auto-driving technology, and promoting the efficiency of the logistics industry. Four-dimensional Tuxin and the other 11 leading enterprises in the field of trunk logistics automatic driving have become the first members.

Develop Leading Advantage and Create Industry and Social Value

In the process of promoting the industrialization of automatic driving, a series of challenges can not be solved by one or even several enterprises, such as overcoming technical difficulties, upgrading manufacturing capacity, and improving policy exploration. Therefore, it is an important way for the industrialization of automatic driving to integrate the advantages of leading enterprises, build an innovative platform for open and shared cooperation, and attract more forces to participate.

Futian Automobile, Changchun FAW, Joint Heavy Truck, High Precision Map and Business Vehicle Network Solution Leader Four Dimensional Tuxin, Business Vehicle Control System Leader Weiboko WABCO, Laser Radar Pioneer Velodyne LiDAR, Main Line Technology of Autopilot Technology, Business Vehicle Management Platform G7, Tencent Cohen Safety Laboratory and Shanghai Jiaotong University Autopilot Laboratory as the first batch Members of enterprises will jointly accelerate the landing of innovation center projects to produce substantive business and social values.

Open test prototype and build test case management platform

It is reported that Winchester Technology, one of the co-sponsors of the Innovation Center, will take the lead in opening up several joint development prototypes with tens of millions of investment, and use them as a test and development platform for automatic driving technology, providing a series of services such as secondary development, validation algorithm and scene experience for member units, universities, start-ups and logistics companies.

At the same time, under the guidance of the Intelligent Network United Automobile Road Test Management Specification (trial implementation), the Joint Innovation Center will make full use of resources such as Shanghai Automobile City and other test zones, combine with the characteristics of trunk logistics, open test cases to member units, and jointly establish an open source and shared test case management platform, which will be open to the whole industry. The follow-up innovation center will also be open to more members to jointly create an automatic driving R&D platform and create a R&D testing environment for member units and industries.

Establishing Business Operation Demonstration Zone to Accelerate Industrialization

With the development of automatic driving technology and intelligent network in China, closed or open test zones have been established vigorously in various places. But up to now, there is no real commercial operation demonstration area in China, lacking a real operation scenario with cars, roads and goods. In response to this demand, the Joint Innovation Center will invite more social resources to join, actively cooperate with local governments, road and logistics companies, make efficient use of social resources, plan and build operation demonstration zones, and build service system and related supporting measures to jointly promote the early realization of "Waymo One" of China's commercial vehicles and accelerate the process of industrialization transformation and development of China's commercial vehicles.

The follow-up plan of Innovation Center will expand in the field of new energy, give full play to the scenario advantages of member units in trunk logistics, and invite more energy companies, road and local governments to cooperate in innovation.

On Four-Dimensional Mapping

Four-Dimensional Map was founded in 2002. It is a science and technology enterprise headquartered in Beijing, China. After more than ten years of innovation and development, four-dimensional map has become a leader in navigation map, navigation software, dynamic traffic information, location data, and customized vehicle networking solutions for passenger and commercial vehicles. Today, Four-Dimensional Map New welcomes the advent of the era of automatic driving with a comprehensive technology development strategy. It is committed to building a "smart car brain" by using high-precision maps, high-precision positioning, as well as the core business of vehicle-level chip semiconductor used in ADAS and automatic driving. It has become a more trustworthy automobile solution provider in the Chinese market and even in the world.