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The first logistics National Engineering Laboratory is located in Nanjing

Recently, the launch ceremony of theNational Engineering Laboratory of Logistics Information Exchange and SharingTechnology and its application was held at Nanjing University of Posts andTelecommunications. This is a beneficial exploration to deepen the cooperationbetween the National Logistics Engineering Laboratory and Nanjing University ofPosts and Telecommunications, open and share, innovate the personnel trainingsystem of logistics education, and build the benchmark of campus expressdelivery management.


It is reported that the Logistics NationalEngineering Laboratory is the first National Engineering Laboratory in thelogistics field, which was approved by the National Development and ReformCommission and led by Yuantong Express. The aim is to focus on Internet +technology for targeted innovation, focusing on improving logistics informationsharing, intelligent equipment information and automation, logistics standardsystem, improving the efficiency of the logistics industry, reducing logisticscosts and improving service levels. And the high-tech logistics system thatwill be used here will also be developed and tested here.


It is learnt that the recently opened Hangzhou logistics centerhas achieved the operation of artificial intelligence. During the rush hour,350 robots operated around the clock on a 2,000-square-meter site, sorting morethan 500,000 packages and 21,000 pieces per hour a day. The robot traveledthree days long enough to circle the earth. After the start of logistics NationalEngineering Laboratory, more and more high-tech logistics tools will emerge.