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"High speed rail express" - a new model

According to the report, the Harbin and Shenyangsections of the Northeast Railway Administration jointly launched the"high-speed rail express" business and implemented the spot to pointfreight express mode. It is understood that since the reform of the railwaydepartment, the Harbin Railway Bureau has continuously opened 10 trains forfreight transportation and formed a fast and efficient and convenient railwaytransport network.

At present, the logistics industry in ourcountry has gradually changed the traditional mode of transportation. Modernlogistics has gradually infiltrated into our life, adding modern informationtechnology and intelligent operating system, making logistics transportation anew step. Along with the establishment of the railway express network inHarbin, other railway bureaus are also After carrying out the freight reform,10 transport express trains in the east of Inner Mongolia and the centralregion of Heilongjiang have been opened, and a dense transportation network hasbeen set up to improve the efficiency of transportation and reduce the cost oftransportation. "High speed railway express" implements the dailyfixed number of cars and routes to improve the speed of the time, thus toshorten the transportation time, reduce the transportation cost, fully play theadvantages of railway transportation, so that the resources can be optimized.

The high speed rail express implementationis a strong joint and going out strategy. It is a new attempt to reform andenter the market for railway freight transportation. It is no longer banned inits own small circle, going out, expanding the carrying capacity of the jointresources, improving the utilization rate, making full use of its ownadvantages, making up for its own shortcomings, working together with otherways and gradually establishing it. A railway transport network with highcoverage can not only share resources, but also promote the further developmentof railway. It can add a heavy weight to the process of railway marketization.

Coupled with the rapid development ofe-commerce, the traditional transport mode has been unable to adapt to therapid development of the market demand, the express industry is flourishing,which has led the railway freight to join the tide of reform. Only through themarket-oriented reform, can we make itself invincible in the fierce competitionand want to get the people.  Trust, therailway express transportation should be put into more efforts than theordinary express industry, because the railway express is characterized bylarge quantity, long journey, long cycle and high cost. So we must reform thecharacteristics of railway transportation. The past transport mode does nothighlight the advantages of railway transportation. Through reform, the rapidtransport of high speed rail has been made. The transport network is added toimprove the overall transport efficiency.

With the deepening of railway reform, webelieve that the "high speed rail express" model will expand thefield step by step, provide more quality service for the general people, andfurther promote the development of the market economy.