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The state cancels the qualification certificate for ordinary freight transport of 4.5 tons or less

           According to the Chinese government network 2018-05-16"Li Keqiang presided over the standing meeting of the State Council todeploy government services to promote a network of government services, and soon," Li Keqiang chaired the State Council standing meeting to deploygovernment services to promote the office and business people's affairs"only into a door" "run the most one time" decision in thecountry to open foreign enterprises set up Set up a business record andbusiness registration "one handle" to determine measures to furtherreduce the logistics cost of the real economy.

           Among them, in order to further promote theefficiency of the logistics reduction, the conference decided that, from May 1,2018 to December 31, 2019, the land use tax on urban land was reduced by halfof the land used for commodity storage facilities rented by logisticsenterprises. Meanwhile, from July 1st to June 30, 2021 this year, the vehiclepurchase tax on trailers was reduced by half. Two is before the end of thisyear, to achieve annual inspection of trucks, annual inspection and emissiontesting, "three checks and one". The certification license fordegenerate freight vehicles shall be archival and managed for vehicles thathave not changed key structural parameters. Cancellation of 4.5 tons and belowordinary freight transport qualification certificate and vehicle operationpermit. Carry out cross provincial inspection on freight vehicles. Formulatethe national standard for loading and unloading tailstock and improvemanagement. Three is to promote the cancellation of highway provincial tollstations. To simplify the formalities of the branches of logistics enterprises.Taking the above measures together with the corresponding reduction of railwayfreight rates after the value-added tax adjustment, it is estimated that thelogistics cost will be reduced by about 12000000000 yuan a year. The meetingcalled for active development of highways, railways and waterway multimodaltransport to further enhance logistics efficiency.

            The history of road transport qualification:

            Before 2001, it is called the boardingcertificate or the permit. There is no unified rule in the country. Theprovinces have their own regulations;

            2001: operating driver qualificationcertificate. According to the regulations on the management of drivers'professional training for commercial road transport;

            2005 to date: road transport driver qualificationcertificate. According to the "road transport regulations","Regulations on the management of road transport practitioners",including all business roads and passengers, dangerous goods.

            2011: the system of continuing education forpassenger and freight traffic has been started. According to the "roadtransport driver continuing education";

            2018: cancel the qualification certificatefor general cargo transport of 4.5 tons or less.