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The Provisional Regulations on express delivery will take effect from May

           The first administrative regulations ofexpress delivery industry, "express delivery regulations"(hereinafter referred to as "Regulations") have been introduced, andwill be implemented in May 1, 2018, in which the requirement of real namesystem has been moved to the table again. According to the regulations, thesender refuses to provide identity information or provide identity informationuntrue. The enterprises that express the express business shall not be sentaway.


           ID information is not true and can not besent


            What do you need to send by expressdelivery? What can not be recorded on the express waybill? What do you do withthe lost express... In the process of sending and receiving courier in ordinarytimes, many consumers will encounter these troubles more or less, but they cannot find the clue to solve the problem. The regulations give each explanationto consumers' concerns.


            It is worth noting that, in accordance withthe regulations, the sender should provide the sender's name, address, contactphone, the name of the addressee (name), address, contact phone, and the name,nature and quantity of the delivery of the goods. In addition to the letter andthe express sent by the user who has signed the security agreement, the expressmail service shall check the sender's identity and register the identityinformation.


            While the real name system is required, theregulations also make it clear that in the case of the sender's refusal toprovide identity information or the fact that the identity information is nottrue, the express delivery business shall not be sent to express delivery.


            The fact that the real name system has beenkilled


             As early as in 2015, according to therelevant requirements of the state post administration, the real name systemwas registered in November of the year, and the express delivery must show theidentity documents and carry out the related registration. However, theimplementation effect of the real name system was not satisfactory.


             A courier told a reporter that the expressname system has just started, because there is no mandatory requirement for theexpress personnel to confirm the sender's identity information when theconsumer sends the express. As long as the phone number can be connected to thesender, "and let the consumers see the ID card to us, they will not bewilling."


             No ID card, no express clerk


             Will the implementation of the real namesystem be more stringent after the introduction of the regulations?


              Yesterday morning, the reporter tried to useShun Feng to send the express, after the packing, the express brother asked thereporter to show the identity card, "if there is no ID card, this expressI can choose not to accept." See the journalist's indecisive appearance,the courier brother explained that at present the express industry has adoptedthe real name system, "I will verify if it is myself, you can restassured."


              After that, the reporter learned from arhyme express. At the beginning, consumers were always worried about showingidentity documents. "But the recent situation is much better. Most peopleare willing to show their ID cards." If the sender does not show hisidentity card, we will take measures to refuse to send the express. No need to waituntil May, now no identity card has been sent to express.


              In order to further strengthen theimplementation of the real name system, in order to further strengthen theimplementation of the real name system, in the work system of the courier, theconsumer can not complete the mail in the express delivery system withoutidentification of the identity information.


             Strict protection of personal privacy ofconsumers


             Previously, the reporter learned from thepost management department that the real name collection and send informationsystem implemented the "total to general" sharing model ofinformation data. The real name information collected from the front end of theenterprise headquarters was uploaded to the National Post Office large datasupervision platform to form a closed flow of real name information data toensure the real name information security. . In the actual operation, for theindividual user information collected by the courier, the system willautomatically upload the system backstage within 30 seconds, and all thecourier terminals are not stored.


             In addition, the regulations also clearlystipulate that in the inspection of the sender's identity, the identityinformation of the user other than the name (name), address, and contact phoneshould not be recorded on the express waybill.