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Liu Qiangdong: Beijing logistics car was replaced by electric car 100% before the Spring Festival

In December 7th, the Jingdong logistics formally put into use the "green box", the first batch of 100 thousand in the country.
According to rigorous experimental testing, the "green box" can be 5 seconds molding package, single use carton is compared to the cost savings of more than 30%, under normal circumstances can be recycled more than 20 times, the damage can also be unlimited "back", the 0 pressure on the environment.
In addition, Liu Qiangdong said, "we will work with the best research institutions in the world to strive for every link of Jingdong operation to meet the requirements of green environmental protection. At the same time, the Jingdong promised to replace 100% electric vehicles in Beijing city before the Spring Festival. To contribute to the air pollution in Beijing! "
In early October 31st, the Jingdong announced the introduction of logistics vehicles and new energy vehicles, and put into use in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xian, Shenyang and other more than 10 national large and medium-sized city. Jingdong logistics also announced the formation of a new energy industry alliance. Within the next 5 years, the Jingdong logistics plan replaced hundreds of thousands of vehicles in the system as new energy vehicles.
Jingdong also has many actions in other green logistics. For example, in the warehousing and packaging section, the thin belt has been introduced, and the width of the adhesive tape has been reduced from 53mm to 45mm, so that Jingdong can reduce the use of adhesive tape at least 100 million meters in 2016.