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3 minutes to break ten billion, Ali CEO Zhang Yong how to evaluate double 11 logistics?

2017, November 11th zero, Tmall double eleven Carnival officially started.
10 seconds, more than 1 billion 600 million yuan, 3 minutes and 01 seconds to break through 10 billion yuan trading volume, and in the last year, the data broke through, spent 6 minutes 58 seconds.
Whats more, an hour later, the transaction broke through the full day of 2014!
Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong before coming to double eleven now that the media sharing, in the direction of digital economy, double eleven has become a window is a big show of global collaboration, hand chop party can be shared across regions, across the color festival.
In order to do double eleven, Zhang Yong introduced the preparation work is very complex and meticulous, "this is all the business, technical forces of great collaboration, big show."." To this end, Ali innovative gameplay, collaboration with the whole society business cooperation, prepared Ali cloud technical force, etc..
This year is double eleven, Ninth years, Zhang Yong summed up the past 8 years of double eleven, is to explore the unknown, the process of challenging the limit.
And in 2017, double eleven, Ninth years, Zhang Yong said that the new business ecology, there will be some new surprises, new business forces sprout, it is worth looking forward to. It is reported that under the new retail environment, double eleven has over 1 million businesses at home and abroad to open up online and offline, the worlds 52 core business district, nearly 100 thousand smart stores, 60 retail stores, 30 thousand Tmall preferred village Amoy point, will bring a new round of retail experience.
In order to cope with global trade, the cross-border logistics rookie network currently connects 224 countries, the number of cross-border warehouses 231, cross-border logistics partners reached 89.
Domestic logistics is also very rapid, this year, double eleven single only used 12 minutes, Shanghai Jiading District Liu 11 after 0 points in the Tmall supermarket to buy snacks, rookie wisdom logistics from his nearest warehouse delivery, to achieve a minute level distribution.
It is understood that in previous years, double 11, the rapid distribution of goods within the industry is often large and small appliances, because as a standard specifications unified, many do not need two packaging, picking and delivery are very efficient. But this year, Tmall double 11 has achieved rapid distribution of fmcg.