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China and the “The Belt and Road "along the 36 countries signed the agreement on maritime transport

The reporter learned from the Ministry of transport, as of May this year, China has signed a bilateral Maritime Agreement (by agreement) with 36 countries The Belt and Road along and EU and ASEAN.
In recent years, about 60% of Chinas total import commodities are water transportation, and more than 65% of the total value of exports is water transportation. Visible, the importance of maritime transport to Chinas foreign trade. I would like to ask, how will the Ministry of transport promote the construction of the maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century, and give better play to the role of the Silk Road in promoting foreign trade and economic cooperation?
As of May 2017, China has with 36 countries The Belt and Road along and EU and ASEAN signed a bilateral Maritime Agreement (agreement agreement, river) have been implemented, both sides give each other countries to safeguard their ships in port services and tax concessions, support each other in the domestic enterprises to set up commercial presence.
In the framework of the maritime agreement, China and the EU and ASEAN established regular shipping talks mechanism, the focus in the international shipping development situation, the latest shipping policy, market supervision, shipping safety, environmental protection, personnel training to carry out extensive exchanges, in some key areas reached a specific cooperation intention made fruitful results.
The next step, the Ministry of transport to the bilateral and multilateral talks to strengthen maritime platform, and "The Belt and Road along national and regional exchanges, promote strategic cooperation in the field of maritime transport.
One is the use of bilateral maritime cooperation mechanism, actively promote the "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, along with countries to carry out strategic cooperation in the field of transport more; two is to promote Chinas port and shipping enterprises to actively participate in the "The Belt and Road construction, strengthen the enterprises" going out "guidance, coordination and service; the three is positive encourage the shipping enterprises to open up new sea routes, encryption flights between the countries along the sea, perfect service network, to carry out comprehensive cooperation with countries along the maritime transport, port logistics and other aspects; the four is the use of a variety of international organizations and multi platform bilateral cooperation mechanism, the depth of participation in the International Maritime Organization and navigation safety cooperation, to enhance Chinas discourse power and influence, strengthen maritime transport channel security.