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Yiwu to Latvia, China railway express starting

The morning of October 20, 2016 10:00 (train times) Central trains (Yiwu - Riga) loaded with 84 standard containers of Yiwu commodity exports of goods from Yiwu railway station, exit from Manchuria, via Russia to Latvia, Riga, the entire 11298 km. Central trains (Yiwu - Riga) opened, marking the Yiwu through the western channel central trains and the east channel, Yiwu is running in sixth directions of international freight trains, Yiwu has become the largest city in the country to open the international container transportation railway line.
In recent years, the economic and trade between Yiwu and, including Latvia, the central and Eastern European countries close, in 2015, Yiwu exports to central and Eastern Europe increased by 18.9%, of which Latvias exports to Yiwu increased by 43.24%. In May this year, the Latvia Museum first appeared in the Yiwu import commodities exhibition, exhibition by China water market, there are a lot of buyers for the first time exhibitors competing agents products in Latvia, Yiwu has the operation basis and advantages of international container Banliede unique. Central trains (Yiwu - Riga) opened, to promote the "Belt and Road Initiative" in central and Eastern Europe to deepen and implement, to achieve interoperability with the sea and the Baltic region transportation logistics, will effectively stimulate the bilateral economic and trade cooperation upgrade.
At present, Yiwu adhere to the opening up as the driving force, move by extension point line efficiency, cultivate the market of new formats, new innovative business model to provide the new train service, central trains construction efforts will become a trade channel, open channel and national "The Belt and Road" strategic demonstration channel. January 20, 2014, the first trip to Central Asia, opened in November 18th, the same year in, the first trip to central Europe (Yiwu - Madrid) opened in 2016, and has opened to Iran, Yiwu, Russia and Afghanistan, the international class. Since the operation of the international trains, and achieved good economic and social benefits, as of October 18th this year, a total of 94 from central trains, sending 7118 TEUs, sent a total of 8520 TEU trains in central asia.