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Policies to support the Internet to promote the accelerated development of the logistics industry

In July 29th, the national development and Reform Commission issued the "Internet plus" efficient logistics Advice "(hereinafter referred to as the" opinions "), in order to break the institutional barriers" Internet plus "logistics development, accelerate the adjustment and improvement of policies and regulations, unified industry standards, innovative institutional supply, to maximize the release of the innovation and development of enterprises endogenous power to enhance the vitality of the market.
As early as April 21st, the State Council issued "on the in-depth implementation of the" Internet plus circulation "action plan views" (hereinafter referred to as the "action plan"). Just 3 months time, have issued two documents to guide the logistics industry. "This is the policy in the face of logistics industry got support and that in recent years, the state of the reform of the circulation attaches great importance to, because the circulation industrial upgrading and upgrading interact as both cause and effect, while China is a typical circulation development lags behind the industrial development of the country." Ali Institute of logistics experts said on "Fox wine China enterprise newspaper" interview with reporters.
The industry generally believes that although the "opinions" of "action plan" to enhance and refine, but "Internet plus" efficient logistics policies also need to go into the enterprise and local, so as to really make it play the actual benefits.
"Internet plus" logistics has spread out
"Opinions" refers to relying on the Internet and other advanced information technology, innovation of logistics enterprise management and service mode, all kinds of transportation, warehousing and other logistics resources in larger platform for integration and optimization, to expand the scope of the allocation of resources, and improve the efficiency of the allocation of resources, to enhance the social logistics efficiency.
"Internet plus" thinking has already integrated into the logistics enterprises. Speed was the relevant responsible person told the "Chinese business newspaper" reporter, at present, speed was adopted some advanced "Internet plus" technology, such as the development of the dynamic scheduling system, to reduce the construction of city logistics infrastructure; through virtual warehouse, virtual city delivery, reduce road congestion, thereby improving the vehicle operation efficiency, reduce the cost City, to achieve zero loan business model.
Darbond also said to "Chinese enterprise newspaper" reporter, Debon has been using "Internet plus" thinking and the concept of things to enhance the efficiency of logistics, integrated logistics IT platform to build integrated vehicle, delivery, warehousing and supply chain service system, to support the future of the business fast development, provide the most efficient solutions for all kinds of the logistics needs of all customers. New opportunities and challenges in dealing with the "Internet plus", the Internet industry platform to change thinking.
In the "Internet plus" under the drive of enterprises have been extended further. Speed was the relevant responsible person told the reporter, internal "eyes wide system is expanding has been extended to logistics of villages and towns, many villages and towns (Department) has been incorporated into the regional dial network. "Urban and rural integration" of the township logistics system, to solve the problem of urban internal co distribution, has been in a number of provinces to carry out the test and promotion.
With the emergence of logistics policy, and the development of "Internet plus" mode, the logistics industry has attracted more and more attention. Speed was the relevant responsible person said, "in the past, the city was the speed of partner work, often come to those who want to improve speed efficiency and reduce cost, to participate in the" Internet plus "in the tide of logistics enterprise solutions and sell the companys products. And now is from around the world have background in state-owned enterprises to take the initiative to request to join the speed and pat, also received part of the local governments invitation, hoping to invest in local, in order to promote the further development of the local Internet plus logistics."