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Far Eastern Shipping Comments: trans-Atlantic eastbound freight recovery

The European Liner Affairs Association (ELAA) The latest data show that the trans-Atlantic eastbound freight routes up and westbound freight rates remain weak.
Eastbound trans-Atlantic route freight has been completely out of the shadow of last year, while the westbound route despite volume growth, but still difficult to return to 2008 levels.

According to the latest ELAA Freight Index, in June in North America to Europe, dry and refrigerated containers freight index of 109 points. In contrast, in May of 102 points, fell more than a year low of 77 points. The index to the 2008 quarterly average price for the base index, based on the positioning of 100 points.

A tariff will rise further evidence of Hapag-Lloyd has been announced in the September opening of a fast connection Antwerp and New York Air, into three 2,200 teu ships. This weeks feature class flight can only nine days to complete a one-way voyage. Company said the opening of this new route will be the companys existing Asia / North America / Europe routes - PAX line and the great alliance with the other members of the joint operation of the trans-Atlantic routes - ATX line complement.

Although the eastbound freight was up, but the performance has to westbound lot less. According to the Container Trades Statistics ELAA companys data showed, 6 months freight index at 7 oclock on the May 7 basis was up 2 points. In 2009, the index almost the entire summer hovering around 65 points.

Ironically, this year in June, eastbound volume rose by only 2.1%, recorded a total of 209,500 teu; and westbound volume but better performance, reaching 263,500 teu, rose 10.5% is reached.

In the Asia-Europe line, as the east-west route through the tariffs in 2009, both continued to rebound after the sharp drop in both the integrated freight index to the route 117 points, stable stand.

From the Eastern Mediterranean, the Black Sea to the recovery of Asias most obvious dry freight containers, the index experienced a low of 72 points in 2009 and 13.1 in May, following a relatively high point, after persistent efforts in June, the impulse to 145 points.

Asia-Europe westbound routes the second quarter, an increase of the volume of same period last year nearly 20% to 3.3 million teu. However, the eastbound route was down 3.3% year on year, to 1.4 million teu.