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The ministry of commerce about perfect production material circulation system of opinion

Commercial trade is sent [2010] no. 115
All provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government, the state plan and xinjiang production and construction corps competent commerce departments: the production of material circulation industry is an important part of producer services, the protection, and promoting economic production cycle, optimize the allocation of resources etc, it has an important role. To further perfect our countrys production material circulation system, and promote the economic development mode change, we put forward the following opinions.
A, the guiding ideology and basic goals
(a) the guiding principle. With deng xiaoping theory and the important thought of "three represents" as the instruction, the implementation of the scientific outlook on development, based on the current, focus on the future, take the market as the guidance, take the enterprise as the main body, science and technology as a support, strengthen government guidance, change the way of development as a whole production and circulation, deal with speed and efficiency, partial and the whole, inheritance and innovation relations, promote production material circulation system and modern industrial system integration development, better service to production development, improve the livelihood of the people and opening up the overall requirements. (2) basic goals. To adapt to the national economic marketization, informationization, internationalization development trend, and meet the urbanization, industrialization and new rural construction development requirements, improve production material circulation system, the development of modern distribution, innovative business model, improve the organizational level, perfect service function, strengthen the market regulation, the perfect legal laws and regulations standard system, promote production material circulation orderly coordination healthy development. "1025" period, basic form has the Chinese characteristic of unity open, competitive and orderly, safe and effective, green low carbon production material circulation system.
Second, the main task
(3) innovation production material management pattern. Specialization and industrialization coordination, innovation production material management pattern. The supply chain as the link, promote industrial convergence, and guide the production material circulation enterprises downstream up outspread, explore formed the nucleus of the purchase of raw material processing-product development-the commodity sale-logistics distribution services in a business model or alliance. Lead the production material circulation enterprise and production enterprises to establish close relationship of industry and commerce, and meet the lean production, timing, and other modern production mode of production development and to explore the whole industry chain form service mode. Encourage bulk production material production, circulation enterprises established between share the risk and benefit sharing commission agency system.
(4) energetically develop modern logistics mode. According to the commodity characteristics, location advantages and enterprise actual situation, adjust measures to local conditions to restrict the development of chain management, e-commerce, logistics and distribution, and other modern distribution. Support production material circulation of qualified enterprise with the brand and mature management system, based on the existing business outlets in store and as the foundation, absorb to small and medium-sized enterprises and promoting the development of chain operation. Encourage large key production material production, circulation enterprises, commodity trading market criterion development e-commerce. Support the construction of professional production material third party e-commerce platform, the integration of the supply chain link, different in different areas, between different enterprises of production material production, demand and logistics service information resource, perfect service functions. Encourage production material production, circulation enterprises to take a variety of forms building set storage, processing, distribution and multimodal transport function in a body specialized, comprehensive production material logistics distribution center.
(5) lead production material wholesale market upgrading transformation. Support have potential, radiation ability strong production material wholesale market to speed up the pace of the transformation and upgrade, improve set exhibition, information, transaction, storage, transportation, processing, and distribution, and other functions in an integrated service ability; Perfect market management system of rules and regulations, improve the market trading rules, form large production material national or regional trading centre, distribution center, price center, information center. Guide not suitable for wholesale market form to continue to exist in the traditional production material wholesale market follow the market rules, and adjust the direction of management, change management form, rational utilization of land, facilities, human, and other resources. Promote and people life closely related building materials, hardware and other production material wholesale market to develop specialized operations.
(6) to speed up the rural production material circulation system construction. Service tenet of "agriculture, countryside and farmers", speed up the rural production material circulation system construction. Make full use of the "market project of thousands of villages and townships" network resources development of agricultural production means chain management, prevent the fake and inferior products into the rural market agricultural materials. Encourage agricultural machinery market and develop regional focus on agricultural machinery brand shop construction. Speed up the circulation of bulk cement infrastructure. Guide all kinds of the main body of investment transformation and integrate the rural traditional channels and social network resources, and actively expand rural production material market. Perfect after-sales service system of agricultural production means, explore establish agricultural production means goods compensation system, and protect the interests of farmers.
(7) encourages the production material circulation leading enterprise to accelerate development. Encourage prominent, the main business scale, network covering area, strong core competitiveness, modern high level of large-scale production material circulation enterprise to speed up development, realize the bulk production material organizational, scale, intensive management. Encourage competitive advantages of production material production, circulation enterprise through the equity, holding, mergers, acquisitions and way, cross-regional, cross-trade and cross ownership for resources integration, strategic restructuring, form a number big wholesalers, big agents, dealers, big big logistics providers. Encourage qualified production material production, circulation enterprises with foreign business model, and multinational purchasing and the sales network, make full use of both domestic and overseas markets and resources.
(8) develop the medium and small sized production material circulation enterprise development. Attaching importance to the small and medium-sized enterprises in meet the market multi-level, diversified, and personalized especially small batch demand the important role. Encourage small and medium-sized production material circulation enterprise application of information technology and modern circulation technology, improve the core competitive capacity of enterprises. A good prospect in the development of small and medium production material circulation enterprises in market access, credit guarantees, financial services, logistics service, information service and personnel training for support. Sound credit guarantee system, give full play to the financing lease, physical lease enterprise role, building the small and medium-sized enterprise financing platform.
(9) play a leading role of science and technology support. Encourage production material production, circulation enterprise increase science and technology research and development and investment, the introduction of advanced technology, equipment and facilities, improve production material circulation of the scientific and technological content and added value. Promote production material circulation field application of advanced applicable mechanization, automation, informationization, shear processing, logistics and environmental protection and energy saving technology. Comply with networking and Internet fusion thing development trend, increase production material circulation domain informationization reform efforts, improve industry informatization level.
(10) increase production material circulation infrastructure construction force. Support production material production, circulation enterprises in central city, transport hub, economic development zones and industrial park construction bulk production material modern logistics base and logistics park. Increasing oil, natural gas, and other important production material reserve facilities construction force. Support conditional production material production, circulation enterprises to participate in joint venture, cooperation way of railway, highway and the infrastructure. Establish sound coverage area and center of the town at the county level public logistics distribution network, for car went to the country, the building materials went to the country, the farm machinery went to the country, the agriculture circulation and provide strong support.
(11) promote production material circulation field saving energy and reducing consumption and recycling. Encourage all kinds of production material circulation enterprises, commodity spot trading market, logistics distribution center increased energy-saving reform investment, optimize the use of energy device configuration. Encourage large production material production enterprise form the specialized remanufacturing system, push forward construction of common system tray, the development of recycling economy. Promoting the green logistics, promote a low carbon economy development. Increase the new building materials promotion work dynamics. Further increase the bulk cement, ready-mixed concrete, ready-mixed mortar to popularize strength.
(12) improving the production material market monitoring, regulation, and industrial statistics system. To further improve the coal, oil, natural gas, steel, nonferrous metal, automobile, building materials, agricultural machinery, wood, rubber, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, renewable resources, and other important production material market monitoring system, production, demand, accurately reflect the inventory, import and export and price changes, to grasp the production material market development trend. Strengthening production material market analysis and forecast the warnings, timely release market information, promote ChanXu cohesion, ensure the production material market running smoothly. According to relevant regulations, make important production material countries reserves and commercial inventory management related work. Combined with the actual industries and regions, establish and perfect the important production material enterprise (commercial) reserves and local reserve system. Strengthening production material circulation industry statistical work, fully understand the industry development, the development of the industry to reflect the new situation, the new question, the new trend. Establish production material circulation industry comprehensive evaluation index system, scientific evaluation industry development condition, guide the healthy development of industry.
(13) improve production material market development environment. Strengthen the standard production material market main body, market behavior, market order, the market regulation and market management, the laws and regulations construction. Perfect production material circulation standard system. Sound production material circulation field market access system. Widespread "the good faith management" create activities and industry credit evaluation, explore build enterprise credit and employment qualification classified management system, form credit motivation, disciplinary mechanism. Coordinate to solve the production material circulation enterprise with restricting factors and difficult. Guide and encourage social fund in the production of material circulation infrastructure construction. Strengthening production material circulation of qualified personnel.
Three, the organizational safeguard
(14) and organization structure and working mechanism. Strengthen leadership, improve production material circulation industry management institutions, clear responsibilities, strengthen the industry guidance, management and service. Strengthen the business department and the relevant departments of the cooperation between the division, improve the working mechanism, strive to build a good market environment, the legal system environment and the policy environment. Strengthening production material circulation industry management professional team construction, increase production material circulation business training to improve unceasingly the professional ability and working level.
(15) attaching importance to the role industry association. Give full play to the industry association and enterprise bridge connected the government function and application HangYao guild regulations formulated, strengthen self-discipline. Play industry association in industrial statistics, subject research, consultancy services, qualification certification, training and other positive role. Guidance or entrust industry association to the market at home and abroad, information collection and the trend of tracking the study. Widely listen to the opinions of the trade association and the suggestion. Support the industry association to government and enterprise to provide the service development and expansion.
(16) establish a key contact system. The ministry of commerce will focus on some main contact is prominent, the business scale, radiation ability, high level of modernization of large-scale production material production, circulation enterprise and market, key contact a number of standard operation, influence strong production material production and circulation industry association, research advisory body, a group of key contact theory attainments, deep and practice ability of production material production, circulation expert. Closely combined with the actual situation in our country and the characteristics, fully reference and the digestion and absorption of advanced foreign experience, in the production of material circulation key industries, key areas, outstanding problems as a breakthrough, innovation theory, the innovation system, the innovation management, the innovation science and technology, innovation management, propaganda, play typical demonstration role, from point to surface, with local drive the whole, and gradually form the government departments, trade associations, scientific research institutions, enterprises and consultation of the expert group to advance production material circulation industry to speed up the development of the work pattern.
Local commerce authorities from to socialist modernization and reform and opening up the height of the global, improve the understanding, changing ideas, strengthen the leadership, perfect the institution, the innovation management, good at finding new situation, the new question solution, sums up the new experience, develop new situation, according to the spirit of these Suggestions according to local conditions, pays special attention to the implementation of the work and ensure the production material circulation system construction achievements.
Local commerce authorities implement the opinions on the problems and Suggestions, please, the mofcom in time.