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Shanghai: shipping center sailing global resources allocation

According to the latest published in October 2010 in Shanghai port container throughput data, by the end of October, Shanghai accumulative total this year 23.558 million teu, three consecutive months beyond Singapore, the worlds first.

From the point of view of the cargo throughput, Shanghai has become truly "international shipping center".

As the development of shipping center core functions, pudong government in the pudong new area of Shanghai international shipping center core function area construction executive opinion "points out, the pudong international shipping center construction of main will focus on" a system, four large area "spread, namely around creating multimodal transport lianyungang, specific layout with lujiazui, yangshan port, waigaoqiao port, airport mainly of" four large area ".

Main shipping services

After more than a year of construction, transportation system of the multimodal transport has basically make complete. "Now the key to make lianyungang, just left and qidong aspects of the coastal thoroughfare connection." Pudong new area shipping services, deputy director of the office LinWeiJun says, "the next shipping center one of the focal points of construction is to improve the international freight will be ZhongZhuanLiang." This is an international shipping center are the necessary hub function, at present the Singapore international freight transit accounts for each year than about 60%, and the general international shipping center international transshipment proportion is about 40%.

Hardware structures, currently pudong is stepping up agglomeration high-end shipping services. The yankees will focus on the mountain of multinational enterprises purchase gathering distribution centers, operation and settlement center and the international shipping enterprise; Lujiazui regional focus agglomeration in the shipping company headquarters, shipping insurance institutions and shipping law services; Waigaoqiao is key cluster multinational company logistics operations center; Pudong airport airport shipping services is key agglomeration of the development of the third party logistics, customs declaration, express delivery, aviation service enterprise.

Being in the preparation and pudong international shipping service center. The location selection lujiazui group office building, key make shipping planning exhibition and investment promotion propaganda, shipping industry resources integration, shipping public information service, shipping enterprise integrated service, shipping industry research shipping public service function, is expected to be completed around the Spring Festival in 2011. The rise in pudong financial industry, the symbol of or will again witness the rise of pudong shipping center.

And shipping finance, or will be shipping services development of pudong major breakthrough.

Shipping finance is coupling shipping center and financial center link, pudong of its own various financial, trade organizations cluster foundation and become the shipping financial development platform.

A series of key in the reform. For example, in July 2010, Shanghai comprehensive bonded zones lease financing project official start, hand in a silver lease financing companies and ZhaoYin financial leasing the two companies were allowed to set up the first six home "the commissioner of domestic shipping special purpose companies (SPV)", single ship rental items single operation, marks the pudong in offshore bank business development in the achieve a breakthrough.

It is reported in the "1025" period, lujiazui region also will give full play to its advantages of financial agglomeration and promoting the development of ship related finance and insurance, reinsurance business, shipping trade shipping finance industry.

LinWeiJun refers to, shipping sector was GDP will become future pudong shipping center construction level of kpis. "This year is expected to account for more than 7%, but in the financial industry and the contribution rate of about 10%, and shipping industry is still have compared rise space."

Policy breakthrough is the key

At present pudong shipping center construction "1025" plan being developed process, main content will focus on creating the brand shipping gathering area, continues to improve international shipping development, strengthening comprehensive experimental platform and market construction, improving the shipping development support four aspects in supporting policies.

After the formulated according to the pudong new area of Shanghai international shipping center core function area construction implementation opinion ", to "1025" final, pudong will initially formed complete shipping service system. And the development of pudong shipping service system is difficult, numerous reform project involving state governance, need approval of the policy of the country and the corresponding laws and regulations is perfect.

Have some scholars suggest pudong new area of Hong Kong, Singapore to reference the loan imposes business tax level, reduce the pudong new area of bank loans imposes business tax, and Marine insurance risks to the less than 5% of the business tax rate shall, in order to encourage the development of local shipping services. But tax rate adjustment to belong to the central authority, pudong only to finance allowance means "snakes". In September 2010, pudong new area government issued the pudong new area promote shipping development finance the way ", the key provisions of the new signing shipping services enterprises, high-end shipping services such as enterprise, give a certain amount of disposable subsidies. Earlier, Shanghai was also the place of tax refund the drafting of a pilot scheme to be submitted to the state council, intends to develop the yangshan port transfer export goods place of tax refund pilot, and there are still not sure start specific timetable.

To this, LinWeiJun refers to, pudong will then make full use of "first try first" policy, to support the central ministries, optimization of the existing special exemption policy case, at the same time, SPV project company and business tax relief on policy, etc.

It is reported, pudong will use the peoples congress granted the advantage of pudong must legislative power, water transportation, maritime affairs in management, ship, the crew, ports, channel six areas to reinforce laws and regulations construction of research. " 1025 period, pudong shipping center of construction is to enhance the global shipping lines to the allocation of resources capacity." LinWeiJun way.