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Chinas coastal freight rate this week China coastal freight rate at the composite index to 1529 points, annulus fell 6.19% last week, up last year fell 20.64%. Including coal, grain and metal ore freight index fell by 7.61% month-on-month, respectively 9.

By the Shanghai new jump logistics enterprise management Co., LTD, construction, operation and management of logistics remit brand, is in the logistics industry of the famous brand service. It is primarily for logistics enterprise to provide management software, logistics enterprise electricity system, the call center service, vehicle global positioning services and goods instant insurance services, Internet and other consulting services to the fact. And by using the advanced idea, high technology and modern methods improve logistics traditional service industry level.

Logistics remit baoshan operation center was unveiled, marks and a comprehensive e-commerce enterprises in Shanghai successful intelligence industrial park. As a key project baoshan district, Shanghai, Shanghai is the first intelligence industrial park "intelligence industry" as the concept of a theme park dedicated to "innovation drive, transition and development" for the reform of the power of development, conform with the Shanghai new industrial structure adjustment, and speed up the construction of the service economy mainly requirements, aims to build on "technology and fashion" as the forerunner, take the intelligence for the core competitiveness of the supporting complete, ecological garden style modern service industry centralizing zone.