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The state council ratified Zhejiang ocean economy demonstration area norms

On March 1, reporter from zhejiang province government that the state council has formal approval "zhejiang ocean economic development demonstration area planning", the zhejiang ocean economic development demonstration area construction increased to national strategy. Rights to think, good construction in zhejiang ocean economic development demonstration area relates to implementing Marine development strategy and improve the general strategy for regional development of global.

The state councils reply on request, the plan of implementation should highlight science development theme and speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development the main line, deepen the reform for power, focus on the optimization of Marine economic structure, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, improve Marine science and education support ability and the innovation system mechanism, to plan as a whole the sea land linkage development, promote comprehensive Marine management, and to construct a comprehensive strength strong, the core competitiveness outstanding, space configuration reasonable, good ecological environment, system mechanism of flexible the economic development demonstration area, form China Eastern coastal areas important economic growth pole.

The state council of the peoples government of zhejiang province is required in accordance with the planning of certain strategic orientation, space layout and the focus of development, promote orderly key projects, to explore to establish the scientific development of Marine economy mechanism and system. Regional cooperation and innovation way, strengthen the with the Yangtze river delta region and the west coast of the strait economic zone of the relevant provinces and cities docking cooperation. Also asked the relevant departments of the state council on strengthening the plan of implementation support and instruction, in financial arrangements, project layout, system innovation to give positive support, in order to promote the economic development of zhejiang demonstration construction and development to create the good policy environment. And ask the development and reform commission to strengthen the planning of the implementation of the track and analyze, completes the guide and supervise and check the work

Reporters from zhejiang province government understands, according to the "planning", the zhejiang will fully exert zhejiang rich "Marine productivity", and the Marine economy as the economy of the transformation and upgrade the breach. By 2015, zhejiang ocean GDP will break 720 billion yuan. At the same time, zhejiang will create "a nuclear wings three times more than nine area island" for the space distribution of Marine economic platform, zhoushan port, ningbo-sea island and its core is relying on city; In the industry layout to ring in the hangzhou bay industry area north wing, leading long triangle of Marine economic development of important platform to wenzhou taizhou coastal belt south for, and fujian hercynian economic zone standards; Hangzhou, ningbo, wenzhou three coastal city circle by enhancing the modern urban service function and scientific support functions, for industrial upgrading service. In this foundation forms nine coastal industry gathering area, and promotion of zhoushan, wenzhou, taizhou, exploitation and protection of the many islands.

Around the platform, zhejiang province will build a commodity trading platform, the sea land transportation network, financial and linkage information support system "trinity" waterway logistics service system, outstanding our country in the crude oil, ore, coal, grain and other important material storage and transportation of the strategic role. At the same time support foster a number Marine strategic new industry, improve the overall level of industry in zhejiang province. (xinhua)