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The first batch in Shanghai! Zhilan hydrogen fuel cell medium and heavy truck launch into operation to lead the demonstration application

On August 4, the first batch of vehicles of the national fuel cell vehicle demonstration application in Shanghai were successfully launched at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center. Zhilan hydrogen fuel cell 42T heavy truck tractor and 18T medium truck jointly built by Zhilan Automobile, Shanghai Remolding and Shanghai Shenli were launched for the first time, boosting the construction of Shanghai fuel cell vehicle demonstration application city cluster, and the strength of Futian hydrogen was once again demonstrated and led.


With the joint development of Energized Hydrogen, Zhilan Automobile has joined hands with Shanghai Remaking Technology and Shanghai Shenli Technology to promote the application demonstration of the first batch of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Shanghai. Shanghai is one of the first batch of fuel cell vehicle demonstration city clusters in China. It takes the lead in the whole ecological chain development of hydrogen energy, and has rapidly developed a number of outstanding enterprises such as Shanghai Remolding and Shanghai Shenli Technology. Among them, Shanghai Remodel Technology focuses on the research and development of fuel cell technology and is the world's leading supplier of fuel cell technology; Shanghai Shenli Science and Technology has been deeply engaged in independent fuel cell technology research and development for 24 years, and is a pioneer in domestic fuel cell technology research and development and industrialization.


With the acceleration of hydrogen energy, Zhilan Automobile actively tackles the innovative application of hydrogen fuel cell technology in the field of commercial vehicles relying on more than ten years of hydrogen fuel technology accumulation of Foton Automobile. This time, the 42T heavy truck hydrogen fuel tractor rebuilt with Shanghai and the 18T hydrogen fuel medium truck logistics vehicle rebuilt with Shenli Technology became the first echelon of fuel cell vehicle demonstration application in Shanghai, and further developed the national fuel cell vehicle demonstration application.


In the future, based on the needs of users, the company will rapidly promote the implementation and operation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The Zhilan hydrogen fuel products for this departure are all equipped with Ningde Times 105kWh power battery and 4 * 385L large capacity hydrogen storage bottle (the largest single bottle volume in the domestic industry), with super long escort and reliable quality.


The Zhilan 18T hydrogen fuel logistics vehicle adopts a lightweight chassis and is equipped with a 120kW high-power high-efficiency fuel cell system 100% localized by Shanghai Shenli Technology, with a range of 550km. It is widely applicable to express transportation, building materials, agricultural and sideline products transportation and other use scenarios.


The Zhilan 42T hydrogen fuel tractor is equipped with Shanghai Remolding 110kW efficient fuel cell system, with a range of 350km, which can realize - 40 ℃ low-temperature storage, - 35 ℃ low-temperature cold start, and guaranteed attendance.


With China's hydrogen strength, Smart Blue is advancing in the fast lane of China's hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry. Zhilan Automobile is a new energy brand that Foton Automobile is striving to build. Based on the hydrogen fuel cell technology accumulation that Foton Automobile undertook the national 863 project in 2006, it gives full play to the operation experience of hydrogen fuel cell passengers in serving the Winter Olympics in 2008 and 2022, and focuses on promoting the resources of chain cooperation industry to create a comprehensive solution for the operation of hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles, which is first tried, demonstration and leading, It has accumulated leading operation experience in the industry. In 2022 alone, Zhilan Automobile has sold and delivered nearly 600 hydrogen fuel light, medium and heavy trucks, ranking first in the commercial vehicle industry. Among them, 100 hydrogen fuel cell light truck refrigerated trucks have been delivered with the largest single delivery volume in China, and hydrogen fuel cell heavy truck tractors and dump trucks have been put into mass operation in the first capital, leading the way in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and boosting the demonstration application of fuel cell vehicles in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. On the international stage, Zhilan liquid hydrogen heavy truck, on behalf of China's highest science and technology, appeared at the World Intelligent Connected Auto Conference and jointly demonstrated China's hydrogen strength to the world with the Fukuda Ou Pfizer hydrogen fuel cell bus serving the Beijing Winter Olympics.


The application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles needs strong support from all sectors of society. The demonstration operation in Shanghai once again shows that the construction of the national hydrogen fuel cell vehicle demonstration application city cluster is progressing steadily. Zhilan Automobile will continue to promote the upgrading of new energy products, help the implementation and promotion of China's new energy technologies, and realize China's "hydrogen" future as soon as possible.