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The logistics industry and e-commerce industry are facing the most severe challenges since the epidemic

Since March, the epidemic has occurred frequently in many places in China. Affected by this, the express logistics in many places has been delayed or even interrupted. Many consumers reported that the goods purchased online had problems such as slow arrival and untimely information update. Even due to logistics obstruction, merchants directly asked consumers to return or stop delivery.

Difficult Logistics

On March 20, the reporter bought a multi-layer document storage folder online. When placing an order, the system prompted that the goods were sent from Suqian and were expected to be delivered within four days, but the goods were not received until March 27. Meanwhile, the reporter consulted the customer service and said that the arrival time was delayed due to epidemic prevention and control.

"On March 21, the system showed that the books purchased for children online had been sent from Hangzhou, but they have not been received yet." Ms. Zhang in Beijing told reporters that businesses are also very helpless. They are also sorry for the obstruction of logistics due to epidemic prevention and control.

At the same time, the complaints related to express logistics have become a hot spot since March. The main complaints of consumers focus on express delay, express loss, customer service and after-sales service.

"Because of the risk of individual express transmission of COVID-19 including variants, especially the risk of imported goods and cold chain express, the operators of some express operations are infected. Therefore, it is last ditch for local governments to make timely suspension of express mail according to local epidemic situation. Temporary express outage is a choice between two rights, and in this special period, consumers and consumers are expected. Can understand. " Logistics express expert Xu Yong told our reporter.

Online shopping has become an indispensable part of people's life. Under the influence of the epidemic, on the one hand, it is the residents who are eager for express delivery, on the other hand, it is the merchants who encounter the problems of delivery and logistics. How to ensure the user shopping experience and unblock the logistics lifeline has become a common problem that e-commerce companies need to face.

According to the reporter, in order to alleviate the difficulties caused by the epidemic to the greatest extent, on the one hand, e-commerce platforms and logistics enterprises jointly launched anti epidemic measures, such as Jingdong relying on self built logistics, vipshop and SF in-depth cooperation. On the other hand, several e-commerce platforms have launched policies beneficial to consumers. For the areas affected by the epidemic, the after-sales service time was extended, and humanized services were provided to the residents in the epidemic area. To avoid the customer service quality affected by the epidemic, the electronic business platform including jitter, Taobao tiktok and is actively adjusting the after-sales operation policy.

"The epidemic has a great impact on the logistics industry and e-commerce. According to the characteristics of the logistics industry and e-commerce, it is suggested that the next step should strengthen intelligent management and digital management, carry out model innovation, and adopt various methods to solve the uncertainty faced. Increase high-tech innovation and speed up the implementation of unmanned distribution." Liu Zhiqin, senior researcher of Chongyang Institute of finance, Renmin University of China, told our reporter.