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Promote the transfer of bulk goods and increase the proportion of Waterway Freight

On the 21st, the reporter learned from the press conference that the waterway traffic regulations of Jiangxi Province (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) will be officially implemented on March 1 this year. The regulation is divided into eight chapters with 64 articles, which makes specific provisions on the planning, construction, maintenance and protection of waterways and ports in the province, the operation of ports and waterway transportation, water traffic safety and supervision. This is the practical action of Jiangxi Province to implement the waterway law and Port Law, and it is also a specific measure to accelerate the reconstruction of the brilliant "Ganpo Millennium golden waterway".

As the first comprehensive local regulation on waterway transportation in Jiangxi Province, the promulgation and implementation of the regulation will help to accelerate the pace of waterway transportation construction in the province, give full play to the advantages and potential of waterway transportation, and further improve the quality and modernization level of waterway transportation development; It is conducive to strengthening the legal management of waterway transportation, accelerating the formation of a unified, standardized, competitive and orderly waterway transportation market, and further standardizing the operation behavior of waterway transportation. It is an important sign that the transportation work in Jiangxi Province is further legalized and scientific.

The regulations strengthen the role of promoting the development of waterway transportation. On the one hand, the development of waterway transportation shall be incorporated into the development plan of comprehensive transportation system to coordinate the comprehensive and coordinated development of railway, highway and waterway. Positioning the public infrastructure of waterways and ports as public welfare infrastructure, and ensuring the development of waterway transportation in terms of capital investment.

On the other hand, the regulations put forward specific requirements from the aspects of promoting the transformation, upgrading and development of waterway transportation: we should adjust the transportation structure, promote the orderly transfer of bulk cargo and medium and long-distance cargo transportation to waterway transportation, and improve the proportion of waterway freight volume in the whole province; Promote the large-scale, intensive and professional development of port and shipping enterprises; Promote the integrated development of port layout, operation, management and service, and encourage the cooperation between ports in the province and ports in developed regions.